Lego Enthusiasts Club
Lego Enthusiasts Club

Building Connections: LEGO Enthusiasts Club – 9+ Year Olds

Welcome to the “Building Connections: LEGO® Enthusiasts Club” – a dynamic gathering designed for young builders aged 9 and above! Join us for an exciting 2.5-hour session where kids can explore their passion for LEGO® , challenge their building skills, and form lasting connections with fellow LEGO®  enthusiasts.

Date:                   Wednesday 17th January

Time:                   9:30am – 12:00pm (2.5 hours)

Location:            105 Champion Drive, Kelmscott

Cost:                    $250

Event Highlights:

  1. Advanced LEGO® Challenges:Participants will take on more complex and innovative LEGO® challenges that require advanced problem-solving and engineering skills. These challenges will inspire them to think creatively and push the boundaries of their building abilities.
  2. Snack and Social Time:We’ll provide a brief break for snacks and socializing, allowing participants to connect with like-minded LEGO® enthusiasts.
  3. Creative Free Build Zone:In our LEGO® free build area, participants can let their imaginations run wild. They’ll have access to an extensive collection of LEGO® sets, including specialized pieces for more intricate designs.
  4. LEGO® Design Showcase:At the end of the session, each participant will have the opportunity to present their LEGO® creations to the group, explaining their design process and the inspiration behind their builds.
  5. LEGO® Discussion Forum:Engage in lively discussions about LEGO® techniques, tips, and the latest sets. Share your own insights and learn from fellow LEGO® enthusiasts.

What to Bring:

– Enthusiasm for LEGO® building!

– Comfortable clothing.

– Snacks and a Water bottle

– Any special LEGO® pieces or sets they’d like to showcase or work with (optional).

Registration: Limited spots are available to ensure a high-quality experience, so be sure to register early. 

Important Notes:

– All LEGO® materials will be provided.

– Parents and guardians are welcome to drop off their child and return at the end of the session.


Unlock your child’s creative potential, meet fellow LEGO® enthusiasts, and build lasting connections at the “Building Connections: LEGO® Enthusiasts Club”! It’s the perfect opportunity for young builders to expand their skills, showcase their creations, and bond with others who share their passion for LEGO®. We can’t wait to see the amazing builds and connections that will emerge during this exciting club meeting!

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